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      Worldwide there many destinations where you can ride the inflatable sled. Especially the alpine countries like the Switzerland , Austria and in parts Southern Germany and France there are various possibilities with a guide or on your own. Try fast sledge runs or enjoy a descent in the deep snow. But also Scandinavia offers with Norway and Sweden various options.

      You can find an overview of slopes in Switzerland on our Swiss website.

      During guided tours with a guide, you will learn the most important features of this winter fun. But even without instruction this winter sport is very easy to learn. In just 20 minutes, most people get the hang of it.

      Freeride runs on freshly snowed slopes are a special treat. You will appreciate this pleasure all the more when you have mastered the ascent with your own snowshoes. Once at the top, you simply swap the airboard out of your backpack with your snowshoes.