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      In cooperation with Madfish Wildwasser SUP and SUPoint Buochs we have developed a river SUP that meets the highest demands.
      It's the ultimate board to take your paddling to a new dimension and will always help make that next adventure a fabulous whitewater memory.
      Thanks to numerous customer feedbacks, this SUP is constantly being optimized and improved.


      • Guide rail under bow (Nose Guide)
      • Neoprene splash guard (splash cover)
      • Progressive Rocker (Continuously deflected)
      • Carbon Stringer
      • 6 handles
      • Large deck pad for extra grip
      • 5 Click Finds (mini US-Box)
      • Rail Kicker & Kickpad
      • Dovetail stern
      • Geklebter Double Layer (Heavy Duty)
      • Available in 9'8" x 36" (6" thick) & 8'8" x 34" (4.75" thick)
      You can find more details about the SUP here:
      STORMRIDER Big: 9'8" x 36"

      Test the SUP with our whitewater specialists now:

      supoint.ch (Buochs, CH)
      kajak-company.de (Valley, DE)
      wildsouthsup.reisen (Wallgau, DE)
      wildwassersup.ch (Madfish Basel, CH)
      supair.shop (Lobuko SUP, Haag AT)
      You can also pre-order the SUP for the coming season from these specialists.