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      The 10 bodyboard rules

      1. The  Airboard is only to be used on secured slopes, e.g. toboggan runs, or dedicated airboard slopes.
      2. Good shoes and clothing suitable for winter are required.
      3. Helmet, glasses, gloves and knee protection are highly recommended.
      4. Due to the low altitude, the viewing angle is limited and obstacles often come into view very late.
      5. Please note that steering on icy slopes, such as skis or snowboards, is difficult or even impossible.
      6. Be moderate with speed. - Drive carefully and at a safe distance in blind spots.
      7. Never stay on the slopes after a fall. - Think of the drivers who will follow.
      8. Protect fallen people with your airboard if necessary (like an airbag).
      9. Rowdy behavior is out. It is essential to observe the FIS rules.
      10. Consideration - caution - foresight - have fun!

      Safety and driving

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