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      Depending on the model, 8 to 12 hours of handcraft are included in our SUP
      Airboard SUP are produced in nine to ten working steps. They are manufactured according to exact specifications and each step is subject to defined test criteria. In the video below you can see the production of an Airboard SUP, shortened to one minute.

      Sustainability and ecology
      When selecting components and accessories, we consciously pay attention to sustainability. A defective pump, a defective paddle or valve does not necessarily have to be disposed of. We have all spare parts and the know-how to repair a defect. This relieves the environment and also your budget.

      Improvement of Social Performance
      Our factory has an Amfori-BSCI audit which is renewed regularly. This represents an improvement of social performance in global supply chains. For further information please visit: https://www.amfori.org/content/amfori-bsci.
      In addition, we personally visit each production line up to 4 times a year, not only for one or two days, but usually for 1-2 weeks. With the operators and workers of the factory we have built up a good friendly relationship over many years.  We personally see a positive development of the working conditions and living standards of all employees.

      Since 2020 season all SUP will be delivered with bags made from recycled beverage bottles. In addition, we no longer use plastic film for packaging the SUP, but only recycled paper.
      From 2021 we pack all paddles supplied in the set in recycled paper. In addition, the pump is packed in a reusable 40l DryBag instead of a plastic bag.

      Collaboration with SUP Clinic
      A defective SUP does not have to be replaced immediately. Mostly these can be repaired. SUP-Clinic is our partner when it comes to expertly repairing a leak, a broken seam or a faulty valve. If a repair is no longer worthwhile, the SUP Clinic will take care of proper disposal.